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Your guitar will tell you where to put your fingers to play

The bright Leds on the neck of your guitar will teach you to play all the songs you like

You won’t have to stop by now to figure out where to put your fingers

Frustration, abandonment of the instrument and bad mood…

All these factors are common to aspiring guitarists who try to play guitar for the first time.
What looks like a very cool musical instrument on the surface, can be hell for those who follow outdated learning methods.
Do you recognize yourself in this? (or almost)


You Can Start Playing Your Favorite Songs Today

Grab your guitar and let the colored LEDs tell you which strings to touch

“But how can I play my favorite songs without spending months and months rehearsing the same notes?”

The way of learning to play the guitar has changed.

Now you can play the right notes on the first try too!

Visual Note is the modern method of learning to play the guitar.
Just follow the LEDs on the neck of your guitar to understand which notes to play.
Playing a song will be as easy as getting to your destination using a GPS.

Learning Psychology

Guitar courses are great… As long as you feel comfortable making mistakes.
With Visual Note you know exactly which strings to play and when is the right time to touch them.
If you have ever happened to be late about the base or to anticipate some notes too much …
This is because in the first periods the hand-eye-hearing coordination is not well trained.
Visual Note was designed to guide your senses,
to leave you the pleasure of playing your favorite song, without the burden of dividing your concentration between the guitar neck and the sound that comes out.
Playing the guitar must remain a moment of peace… and not a moment where you feel under pressure.

You will learn to play in a fraction of the normal learning time.

Let the LEDs do the work

1 KIT, 2 Phases of your career

Visual Note is suitable both if you have never picked up a guitar, but you want to start playing your favorite songs simply by following the bright Leds,
and if you already know how to play and perform on stage, making your performances spectacular thanks to the light effects directly on the neck of your guitar.
These can also go to music time thanks to Music Responsive!

Let the uncertainties on the right note to play be part of the past...

Keep the pleasure of playing to yourself.

Getting started is simple

It takes you 6 minutes on average to start playing.
Just the time to install Visual Note on your guitar and download the App.

This is Visual Note!

The offer is valid until 16 November, with the start of shipments, and expires in:​

Visual Note was born from our dream of allowing anyone to play the guitar from day one.
Our team has tried and tested every guitar method on the market.
However, nothing seemed to be going well.
So, step by step, we created our own.

The result was the Music Learning Revolution

And we think that you will agree with us in calling it the Modern Method for learning to play the guitar.
Because, quite simply, it doesn’t make sense to waste energies trying and trying again when you can achieve the same result with half the time and effort.
We are excited to have created Visual Note for all guitar lovers and to share it with you.

Visual Note is also the solution to uncomfortable and expensive individual lessons

We spent on average 25€ for every hour of class with a teacher.
And the results were delayed anyway.
In a year of lessons you can get to spend 1200€!
And that’s not to mention the waste of time between travel and the organization of schedules.
Visual Note was born to put behind all these problems and bring home to anyone, anywhere, an entire music academy available 24/7.

And today you can get Visual Note to save on individual lessons.

Only during this period will you be able to buy Visual Note at a fraction of the real price to the public.
At the end of the promotion, Visual Note will be sold for 349€.
To thank you for the confidence you are giving us, we give you the chance to put the accelerator to your guitar skills for only 249€.


Vincenzo Maresca – CEO & Founder

Renato Torsello – CFO

Matteo Scalise – CMO

Nicolò Clericò – ADVERTISING

Vittorio Bottini – VIDEOMAKER

Silvano Ancelotti – DESIGNER

Visual Note 1.0, the first version, already with a lot of features!


Visual Note 2.0 adds many more functions and the new video lesson format.

Italian TG1 talks about Visual Note 2.0

Visual Note presentation to investors
We chose Ibanez because it represents the most advanced in the world of guitar
This philosophy fits perfectly with the Mission of Visual Note: INNOVATE