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Premium Membership Full access to all app functions

Experience all the magic of the Visual Note system!
With a Premium membership you can fully enjoy App and device with no limits.

All content updated every week
Upload your tabs without limits
Create your own diagrams and effects without limits

Don’t miss out on the complete learning experience

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Enjoy a full access to Visual Note features and contents

Lessons: all available content + periodic releases
Songs Riffs and Solos: Access all content and new releases every week
Chords, Scales and Arpeggios: Full access to all available content
Play Your TABs: Upload all the tablature you want
Play Video Tunes: Play the chords of the music videos you like with no limits
Lighting Effects: Create as many custom and music responsive effects as you want
Neck Editor: Create as many custom diagrams as you want




Lifetime, 1 year + 3 months, 3 + 1 months, 6 Months

Italy: Delivery time approx. 1 day
Europe: Delivery time approx. 2-5 days
Outside Europe worldwide: Delivery time approx. 3-8 days

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