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MLD Music Learning Device

The Music Learning Device Visual Note allows you to transform your acoustic, electric or classical guitar into an extraordinary learning tool
Download the app and install the device on the fretboard of your guitar in a matter of minutes, turning it into a smart display that will bring whatever content you want to learn, such as solos and songs you love or directions from the masters, directly under your fingers.
The super-slim LED device does not alter the natural feel of the fretboard and the tiny wireless controller disappears completely behind the headstock, and thanks to the quick release you can also recharge it conveniently wherever you want.

The Visual Note App allows you to use your LED device and offers you hundreds of free contents to study and have fun, you can subscribe to a Premium subscription to get exclusive, unlimited and always up-to-date contents from €4.90 per month.

The MLD is available in three sizes to fit your instrument perfectly. Check the scale length of your instrument and choose the right size for your guitar.

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Ultra-thin LED foil
Coverage: 15 keys (including capo)
Fixing: 3M adhesive
LED: 90, RGB
Connector: Jack type
Colour: Black

Wireless control unit
Connectivity: bluetooth 5.1
Fixing: Adhesive with quick release system
Packaging dimensions: 68mm x 16mm X 25mm (LXPXH)
Indicator lights: Power on, connection, charging
Battery: Lithium-ion rechargeble, duration approx. 10 hours
Recharging: Fully recharged in approximately 2.5 hours
LED foil connection: Removable jack cable
Charging cable connection: Magnetic attachment

Accessories included
2mt magnetic charging cable
3M Cleaning wipe for cleaning the handle
Operating Instructions

Use of the MLD entails downloading and subscribing to the Visual Note APP

Compatible with electric or acoustic guitars
Compatible with right or left-handed guitars
MLD F fits guitars with a 25.50″ (648 mm) scale length, like many guitars made by Fender, Ibanez or Yamaha (always check the exact scale of your guitar)
MLD G fits all guitars with a 24.75″ (629 mm) scale length, like many Gibson or Epiphone guitars. (Always check the exact scale of your guitar)
MLD C fits all classical guitar with 25,50″ sclae lenght (648mm-655mm)

The MLD is extremely small and designed to fit most guitar headstocks

Weight 2 kg
Neck Type

Fender Type : 25,5 (648mm), Gibson Type: 24,75" (629 mm), Classical Type: 25,5 (648mm)

Orientamento Chitarra

Left-handed guitars, Right-handed Guitars

Guitar type

Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars

Italy: Delivery time approx. 1 day
Europe: Delivery time approx. 2-5 days
Outside Europe worldwide: Delivery time approx. 3-8 days

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Discover the features of the revolutionary Visual Note learning system, have fun and unleash your talent!