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Visual Note Limited Edition is a full starter kit, that allows you to start right now to use all the functionalities integrated in the device.

In the packaging you'll find:
  • The control unit enclosed in a exclusive hand made case made up by 11 layers of sandalwood and plexiglass, on which is laser engraved the unique serial number that identifies the uniqueness of the product.

  • A LED Matrix designed exactly on your guitar diapason (25.5" = 648mm) and is compatible with all the keyboard lenghts (from 21 to 24 frets). So all the Fender Stratocaster and similar models, like Squier and many others are fully-compatible with Visual Note.
    The ultra-thin matrix is available in 4 different colors: White, Green, Red and Yellow in order to fit your own mood.
    The LED matrix is applied in an easy-way to your guitar fretboard without damaging in a any way and without prejudice the usability thanks to our ultra-thin design.
Included in the package you also will find 3 AAA batteries, a fabric covered micro USB cable (2m) and three picks of different thickness (white 0.46mm, black 0.71mm, red 0.96mm).
Your guitar isn't yet supported by Visual Note?

We'll let you know when il will be available.

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Visual Note

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